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Tape Migration Made Easy

Tape storage continues to be a key strategy for the overall management of mainframe data. However, the ongoing challenge with many tapes of varying sizes is the cost of acquiring, managing, and deploying these vital tape resources. 21CS offers the Total Tape Suite, including Tape/Assist®or Migration-in-Place™ to help customers make the most of their tape resources.

Benefits to Migrating 

  • Lower failure rates and improved reliability
  • No expensive old hardware maintenance
  • Reduced staff hours spent on manual migration tasks
  • Automated exception checking and standardization significantly reduces manual errors

Migration Services

21st Century Software offers a full range of services—including migrations, assessments, and implementations. Our experienced service teams offer advanced technical support to help guide you through any project.

Tape/Assist®or Migration-in-Place™ for your tape resources


Supports CA-1 and RMM, delivering value for tape media consolidation and upgrading.

    • Ability to maintain all metadata about information stored on each tape, helping applications and storage managers easily find data
    • Ensures all catalog information is updated so new volumes are properly cataloged, and expiration attributes of original
      volumes are kept so media resources can be reclaimed
    • Tape copying flexibility with high-speed copy utilities, allowing you to migrate tape data from one type of media to another or make copies of tape data
    • Ability to change device geometries and enable higher capacity


Complementing Tape/Assist®, MIP supports any z/OS vendor tape library migrating to DELL Technologies DLm.

  • Maintains existing tape VOLSER ranges and
    catalog structures
  • All volumes are treated the same way; even Externally Data
    Managed (EDM) such as DFSMShsm, Db2, CA Deliver, FDR,
    Mobius-z/OS, and CA Disk
  • z/OS Tape Management System independent
  • Able to migrate existing scratch volumes, maintaining
    existing range sequencing
  • Supports SMS or non-SMS for input tapes; output tapes are

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The Future of Total Tape is Bright with 21CS


years of delivering non disruptive tape migration


successful tape migrations 

Over 102,000

terabytes of storage moved

Today, the largest companies in the world rely on 21CS  to keep their mission-critical systems running smoothly. Our solutions are hardware-neutral and run on most major z/OS-based mainframes.

Here at 21CS, we help you achieve:

  • Reliability, resiliency and repeatability
  • Mainframe optimization and risk avoidance
  • Mainframe data protection

I really appreciate the team co-partner relationship 21CS establishes with us and I expect all other customers to achieve the goal and results desired. They come to the table with no attitude or goal to nickel and dime for more money and take advantage of the customer should problems arise, or requirements change. I wish all (most) other software and support providers could work and operate in the same professional manner.

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