Essential Mainframe Migration for z/OS

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Technical Specs

Essential Mainframe Migration for z/OS

Essential Mainframe Migration for z/OS (EMMz) is a vendor independent, z/OS-based non-disruptive data migration solution for disk storage attached to IBM Z systems.  21CS offers EMMz, with expertise gained from thousands of non-disruptive local and global migrations for disk storage attached to IBM Z systems running z/OS and z/VM, in more than 850 organizations worldwide, to help you safely and quickly take advantage of the benefits and advantages of new storage technology with minimal disruption.

 Benefits to migrating with EMMz

  • End-to-End non disruptive data migration
  • Continuous application and data availability
  • Ability to change or add storage vendors
  • Simplified migration of larger data quantities for consistency groups
  • Dynamic swap to the new hardware technology while applications remain online

Why EMMz is right for you

EMMz and remote migrations over TCP/IP

EMMz supports disk migration by using existing TCP/IP network connections, and its point-in-time capabilities enable the migration of disk volumes from a source device on a local z/OS system to a ne device located on a remote z/OS system

Technology Refresh with 24/7 application availability

EMMz’s dynamic swap capability facilitates non-disruptive data migration by transparently directing input/output from the source to the target storage. Applications remain available during the entirely automated migration process. Additionally, the switchback capability eliminates disruption by enabling fallback to the original source configuration if issues are discovered.

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The Future of EMMZ is Bright with 21CS

21CS specializes in developing and marketing mainframe software solutions.

For nearly 20 years, we have provided vision and validation to enterprise backup strategies by determining the most critical files required by applications and providing the fastest path to recovery. Our solutions are hardware-neutral and run on most major z/OS-based mainframes.

Here at 21CS, we help you achieve:

  • Reliability, resiliency and repeatability
  • Mainframe optimization and risk avoidance
  • Mainframe data protection

“Everyone on the 21CS team was very responsive to my emails and on top of everything, which kept [the] project on track.”

- Texas Health Resources

Technical Specifications

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