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21CS delivers innovative solutions essential for mission-critical operations across the business and IT spectrum.

Trusted Partner

21CS is a leader in developing mainframe products that ensure data protection, recovery, and migration, as well as products that provide the most comprehensive mainframe performance capacity planning solutions. Since being founded over 30 years ago, 21CS has relied on their strong partnership with IBM to develop and enhance products that meet current market needs and lead predicted technology trends. As the 21CS and IBM relationship has matured, 21CS has been entrusted to develop market critical products for IBM’s portfolio. 

As a result of 21CS’s consistent high performance and reputable expertise, 21CS has earned Silver Partnership Status with IBM.


Since 1992, 21CS has been a key contributor to z/OS ecosystems, including solutions for foundational disk and tape migration solutions, making them the expert on data storage involving tape solutions and tape migration.

In June 2021,  21CS entered an  Agreement to License z/VSE Operating System and Middleware Stack from IBM, releasing its first version of the operating system in 2022. 21CS is prepared to effectively maintain and improve upon the OS and middleware stack well into the future.

International Entity

Currently, 21CS has offices in the US and Germany, as well as a Center of Excellence in Australia which has nearly 70 technical architects, software developers, technical writers, and other IT experts. With plans to open an additional Center of Excellence in Greece, 21CS is continuing to grow it’s portfolio, employee base, and revenue.

Futurum Research Senior Analyst Steven Dickens talks with 21CS’s CEO, Nicholas Pachnos on  21CS’s efforts to connect with younger generations entering the IT workforce, where they fit into the mainframe, and how AI is affecting their modernization agenda.

21CS is a leader in the development of software solutions that are designed to create value across the business and IT spectrum.




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