Revolutionizing real-time analytics

  21CS Streams, formerly IBM Streams, is transforming the way organizations harness data in motion.

Since acquiring IBM Streams and key members of the original development team, 21CS has invested in its technology advancement and developed an enterprise-grade support service.  Already one of the most sophisticated event stream processing (ESP) platforms in the industry, the new 21CS Streams includes enhancements to the original software that address both security and compatibility.  21CS Streams is now current with the latest security requirements, supporting RHEL 8 (with  RHEL 9 coming soon). And with an array of available toolkits for AI integration and development, 21CS Streams opens up a new world of possibility.

Enterprise-grade support

Our Support engineering team, trained in all technical aspects covered by streams,  provides a comprehensive suite of resources and is available to provide you with expert set up, advisory services, best practice help, troubleshooting, and  operational support.

By utilizing these services, you can achieve your desired business outcomes with Streams, such as improved performance, optimized costs, and increased security. The team is also available to previous customers of IBM Streams.

Innovating Streams
for Future Success

Pioneering Pathways for Cutting-Edge Analytics

The future of Streams is bright.  21CS plans significant enhancements to Streams, including containerization of the platform, additional integration and support for AI, and a next-generation application development environment.

Years On the Market

Explore the impressive features of 21CS Streams, a trusted solution with a proven track record of 15 years in the marketplace.


Transform your organization with the unparalleled expertise at 21cs. Our team has over 60 years of combined Streams development experience.


Unleash the boundless power of real-time data. Our team has tailored custom engagements for a vast range of industries, with many deployments currently empowering Fortune 500 companies.

harness the full potential of real-time data IN MOTION

Product Features

Excels at processing massive amount of data in real-time, enabling immediate responses to changing data streams.

Utilize built-in analytics to gain deep insights into your data streams, helping you make informed decisions rapidly

Designed to scale,  accommodates data from various sources and formats.

Seamlessly integrate with existing data sources and applications, ensuring a smooth transition to real-time analytics.

Create custom dashboards and visualizations to monitor data streams and performance.


Turn Your Streaming Data Into Actionable Insights

In today’s fast-paced world, where data is generated at an unprecedented rate, Streams provides the tools and capabilities to harness this data in real-time, enabling organizations to make critical decisions, detect emerging trends, and respond swiftly to changing circumstances.


  • Financial Services: Monitor and analyze financial market data in real-time, making timely investment decisions and detecting anomalies.
  • IoT: Process and analyze data from IoT sensors to optimize operations, predict maintenance needs, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Healthcare: Utilize real-time data streams for timely diagnoses and proactive healthcare management.
  • Manufacturing: Enhance quality control by monitoring production data in real-time, reducing defects, and optimizing output.
  • Environmental Monitoring:  Monitor air and water quality in real-time, providing instant alerts when pollution levels exceed safe limits.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Identify events, trends, and patterns – both current and historic – that are unusual or outside everyday norms, gaining visibility to nefarious activity before it is fully executed or  picking up on a negative customer experience early enough to be contained.

    Propel your organization to new heights with Streams

    Gain actionable insights from your data as it flows, enabling real-time decision-making that drives business success.  Streams responds quickly to changing data trends, allowing you to stay ahead of the the competition and seize opportunities.

    • High Performance: Streams leverages parallel processing to deliver exceptional performance, even when handling massive data volumes.
    • Operational Efficiency: Optimize your operations, reduce downtime, and cut costs through real-time data analytics.
    • Scalability: Streams grows with your data needs, ensuring your analytics solution can adapt to your evolving business requirements.



      • Data Source Compatibility: Supports a wide range of data sources including IoT devices, social media, sensors, and more.
      • Data Formats: Handles data in various formats, including structured and unstructured data.
      • Real-Time Alerts: Set up real-time alerts for specific conditions or events.
      • Data Security: Ensures data privacy and security through encryption and access controls.
      • Platform Support: Compatible with Linux RHEL8  (RHEL9  coming soon)
      • Scalability: Scales horizontally to accommodate data growth


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