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21CS has been a longtime advocate of the z/OS operating environment. We deliver solutions that are fit for mission-critical operations, enabling the success of the IBM Z platform through software innovation based on deep customer and market insight.

Our focus is on IBM products that enable mainframe success in AIOps, Analytics, Data Management, Resiliency, Security, and Storage Management


Our Expertise Spans IBM Z Software Solutions

21CS’s success is rooted in the experience and expertise of our technical specialists. Much of our staff bring more than 20 years of experience developing and managing solutions for mainframe storage, resiliency, system management, and so much more. The team is highly qualified to develop solutions and provide services to support them across a wide range of company sizes and infrastructures.


IBM z/OS Systems Performance, Resiliency and Storage has never been more important

IBM Products

developed by

IBM Z Batch Resiliency

Modern real-time resiliency for non-database applications and automatic recovery processes.

IBM Z JCL Expert

A utility used to validate the syntax of JCL statements, procedures and jobs.

IBM Products

developed by

IBM Z Performance and Capacity Analytics

End to end near real-time data curation and reports for simplified performance, cost and capacity management.

IBM z/OS Change Tracker

A  simple control interface that helps clients with all aspects of the change  management process.

IBM Transparent Data Migration Facility z/OS

Migrates data more effectively with continuous application availability.

21CS is a leader in the development of software solutions that are designed to create value across the business and IT spectrum.




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