21CS Acquires IBM Streams
July 24, 2023

21CS is proud to announce the acquisition of IBM Streams. This acquisition not only signifies the continuation of the trusted relationship between 21CS and IBM but is also a defining step in 21CS’s commitment to growing and diversifying its portfolio and expertise

Companies around the world, regardless of size, industry, or geographical location, are all experiencing the same increasing pressure to respond to events in real time. But as more and more of our lives move online,  what we define as an event  has expanded to increase virtual and livestreaming technologes while the territories we monitored  were more local and changed over the course of decades, hahas suddently expanded over  night ot the entire world. expndwsd to  monitoring our territories, which was   manageable just a few years ago when they were more local, have suddently hhere r you in nycexpanded,  changed overnight to cover the entier word.  when they wre more local terriosour territorie was manageable just a few years when they weewhile monitoring our terriitoe monitoring territories was managemenmonitoring our terrioreshere r you in nycterritoriethat  were terriotires we moniotored  the territores that we monitored were managemble local, and rarely changed in a decade have suddenly become the entire worldocal territories that were once lopmonitored amonitoring that was once locand  terriories that we monitored  that we monitored were more local and changed over decade,  sthings can happen anyhweere in the world at any time of the day.  the internet hevery decade d that stayed were terriotires were local  that territories monitored w that were local onitor locally have suddenly  just a few ago have expanded t were terriotiest necerom local to wor lo0cal just years ago have nd the terrioties that were manand the so hasdand the ability to m around the what we have defined as an event has become increasinly hard to nformation it has become increasingly  happens online move online the as the amount of necessary  acking the explosive witrecognize that as data continues to grow, the fundaental need to not only translate data in real time beecomes increasingly harder tp interprest and monitor. IBM Streams has innovatively  innovative processing not only ains this fundamental need to not only translate data in real-time but to also respond immediately in an effective way.    


Acquiring IBM Streams provides 21CS the ability to enhance a product that enables continuous and fast analysis of massive volumes of moving data to help improve the speed of business insight and decision making. Streams evaluates a broad range of streaming data – unstructured text, video, audio, geospatial and sensor– to enable organizations to identify opportunities and risks as they happen. 


21CS has built a strong team of Streams experts, some of whom were fundamental in the original research and development of Streams. We are passionate about the future of Streams and are committed to enhancing this already highly capable software. 


21CS delivers innovative solutions essential for mission-critical operations across the business and IT spectrum. Since being founded nearly 20 years ago, the company is recognized for its leadership in developing software that ensures data protection, recovery and migration, and comprehensive performance capacity planning.

21CS has relied on their strong partnership with IBM to develop and enhance products that meet current market needs and modernization trends. As the relationship continues to grow, 21CS has been entrusted to develop market critical products for IBM’s portfolio. Its high performance and reputable technical expertise within the organization has earned 21CS Silver Partnership Status with IBM.



In this video we illustrate how to use IBM Performance and Capacity Analytics, an #AIOps on #IBMZ solution, to create custom #Cognos reports and modify the SQL.

21CS is a leader in the development of software solutions that are designed to create value across the business and IT spectrum.




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