IBM Z Batch Resiliency

Modern real-time resiliency for
non-database data and automatic recovery processes

The difference between a disaster and an incident

Product Features

A single point of control for your backup and recovery

Automatically identifies critical data sets and application dependencies

Helps avoid lost business and potential fees

Surgically recovers data in minutes

Modern view of your data environment

Ensures  continued resiliency and availability of critical applications 

It is estimated around 70% of enterprise data resides on the mainframe making the role of the platform critical to the success of businesses throughout the world. It is important to remember that many of these high value assets, files and applications are non-database managed and run 24 hours day — protecting the integrity of this data is paramount.

IBM Z Batch Resiliency provides resiliency management of these non-database managed data and applications, leveraging detailed analytic reporting that can reduce reliance on complex domain specific and possibly error-prone manual approaches. This also contributes to reducing mean time to recovery from hours or days by identifying at-risk data at the point of failure within minutes, enabling rapid restoration of data set and determing  possible down-stream impacts associated from the point of corruption forward.

Strengthen Your Cyber Resiliency Strategy with IZBR

Providing an automated way to manage application resiliency, IBM Z Batch Resiliency is the missing tool for Application Recovery and can be the difference between a disaster and an incident.

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