You canÕt wait any longer. What you need to know about resiliency now!

Operational resiliency, Cyber resiliency, new regulations Ð the demand to Ôbe resilientÕ is coming at you from all directions. Just when you thought you were getting a grasp on cyber resiliency, all of a sudden operational resiliency is a must for regulations all over the globe, like DORA (EUÕs Digital Operational Resiliency Act). How does […]

Data migration scenarios – use cases for IBM TDMF and IBM CSM


In this session we will give a general overview of non-disruptive data migration for technology refresh, data center relocation or day to day physical volume movement for tuning using TDMF and CSM. We’ll go over specific use cases for each product to help users make informed decisions about which product may best fit the requirements […]

Stormy Monday. Reactive and Preventive Capacity Management Processes

Monday has been a typical day where application outages occured. Often, due tot he complexity of the enterprise, Tuesday and the rest of the week were just the same! We will discuss how effective capacity management reporting is used to quickly return the business to service. What reporting should be reviewed and communicated in the […]

z/VM Workshop

Ohio State University 1739 N High St., Columbus, OH, United States

SHARE – New Orleans

Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA, United States

Excerpt: Share New Orleans Conference