21CS Acquires IBM Streams
October 10, 2023
21CS is excited to announce that we are expanding into the streaming analytics market, leveraging technology from IBM. The launch of 21CS Streams will represent the next generation of IBM Streams. This collaboration signifies the continuation of the trusted relationship between 21CS and IBM. It is also a defining step in 21CS’s commitment to growing and diversifying its portfolio and expertise.


With global data volume expected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025 (more than double from 64 zettabytes in 2020), companies around the world, in every industry, are experiencing increasing pressure to derive insights from the data that could help respond to events quickly and effectively. At the same time, it’s becoming more challenging to make sense of data in a meaningful way. Streaming analytics technology helps businesses ingest, analyze and correlate information from different data sources in real time.

IBM Streams is a market leader in streaming analytics. The technology evaluates a broad range of streaming data – unstructured text, video, audio, geospatial and sensor– to help businesses discover opportunities and risks as they happen. The launch of 21CS Streams will represent the next generation of IBM Streams. 21CS will now assume the ongoing support and investment for the future of the Streams technology and help its current users transition to the next generation of the technology.

“21CS Streams is a fundamental product that every company needs now,” said Nick Pachnos, CEO of 21CS. “Its capacity to translate massive amounts of data in real-time to help enable quick and effective responses can make the difference between an incident and a disaster.”

21CS is well-positioned to continue enhancing the Streams technology, having built a strong team of experts with deep expertise in the streaming analytics space. “We are passionate about the future of this technology and are committed to enhancing this already highly capable software,” adds Pachnos.

21CS delivers innovative solutions essential for mission-critical operations across the business and IT spectrum. Since being founded nearly 20 years ago, the company is recognized for its leadership in developing software that ensures data protection, recovery and migration, and comprehensive performance capacity planning.

21CS has collaborated with IBM to develop and enhance products that meet current market needs and modernization trends. Its high performance and reputable technical expertise within the organization has earned 21CS a Silver Partnership Status with IBM.



Gonzalo Espinoza

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21CS Releases Enhanced Version of IBM Streams

21CS Releases Enhanced Version of IBM Streams

21CS announces the release of 21CS Streams, formerly IBM Streams, a cutting-edge event stream processing (ESP) platform used to ingest and analyze vast amounts of real-time data with ultra-low-latency.

21CS is a leader in the development of software solutions that are designed to create value across the business and IT spectrum.




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